October, 2005, Romania:  It's started raining again. Oh, me! Hundreds of homes have been lost. They have absolutely nothing. It is so tragic! The government will not help at all. The water plant has proved to be a big blessing at this time. The people of Ciorogirla (where the WOL is located) have come to get water because their wells were flooded and are contaminated. The mayor is very pleased that we can offer this help to the community during this time of crisis. Thanks to all of you for the big blessing you’ve been to us. Ron & Sue Bates 10/3/2005


August, 2005, Romania: No flooding in our community, but heavy rains have destroyed many people's roofs.  The Ciorogirla River in our village is almost overflowing.  If they open the dam upstream, we will be flooded, too.  Many have come to our door for help for repairs.  Some houses are sliding off the mountains.  Roads are coming apart.  Parents are left without children, and children, without parents.  Malaria, cholera, and meningitis are greatly feared.  Ron & Sue Bates 8/21/2005