In late August, 2003 Plesion received funds from Rotary International to build a Water of Life (WOL) system for Romanian orphanages and street children. Plesion built its first wholly self-contained WOL system inside a 40’ container and installed it outside of Bucharest, Romania in May, 2004. 

In October, 2004 the Plesion Board approved another WOL project at the Haven of Hope Clinic near Jos, Nigeria. Work on this unit will begin as funds come available in 2006. As with its Romanian prototype, the unit will also be insulated and outfitted with A/C, water storage tanks, Apollos filtration equipment, filling tables, storage shelves, etc.

The Haven of Hope Clinic operates under the sponsorship of Ireland Outreach, a missionary organization, located in Dublin, Ireland. When completed, it will have an agricultural center, a school, a clinic (now operating) and staff quarters.

The Water of Life unit will supply drinking water to the facility and clinic as well as to the surrounding community. The area surrounding the clinic is very poor and therefore clean water is unaffordable. However, because of its location near to a major metropolitan area, it is hoped that the project can be somewhat self-sustaining and plans include a small autoclave for producing IV fluids for sale to area hospitals.  

Plesion has been working with Jim Gillett of Ireland Outreach for the past year to fulfill this goal. Grants are being sought again from Rotary International and from other interested granting agencies as well as individuals and churches.

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Plesion marks 13th anniversary

Formed in 1992 to supply medicines to a children’s hospital in Russia, Plesion’s journey has taken it to Europe, Asia and God willing, to Africa. Basically, it’s goals remain the same and trusted partners are still sought in the host country before embarking on these ambitious projects.

We remain thankful for the opportunities to help children with clean healthy water to drink.

Another self-contained Water of Life system in the works for Nigeria with shipment planned in the fall of 2006.

Joy in a big 40’ metal box. Fully operational in 5 days in Romania—pix shows crew opening Water of Life container to start work. Haven of Hope will be next.

 Published by Plesion International, Inc            Vol VIIi,   Oct, 2005

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